The Ultimate Zulrah OSRS Boss Guide

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Zulrah is a well-known solo boss that is located in the east of Zul-andra which is often cultivated by players due the speedy kills as well as the easy travel and banking.

The Zulrah fight is frequently believed to be extremely difficult to get the hang of and, in particular, without a comprehensive guide. However, the reality is that once a player understands the "rotations" of Zulrah the game becomes easy , and Zulrah becomes a quick and very effective method of mining gold. Each successful kill, Zulrah has a 100 percentage chance of dropping between 100 and 300 Zulrah Scales and two other items from the the table. The three items that are unique included on the Zulrah drop table - Tanzanite Fang, Magic Fang and the Serpentine Visage - are all dropped at a rate of 1/128 and is a welcomed addition for both regular players as well as Ironmen alike.

Zulrah is not able to be injured by melee, and the recommended Ranged and Magic levels for the fight are at least 75.


This Zulrah boss fight is held in an actual battle, meaning that you're able to only fight the boss on your own and your items are obtainable on the death of the boss at no cost.

Gear Advice

* It is a common misconception that using better bows does not make a difference against Zulrah. The initial damage roll will be between 0-maxhit and then any damage roll over a 50 rerolls into a random value between 45-50. Thus hitting over 50 more often will result in more hits between 45-50.


* Zul-andra teleports are meant to be used to teleport to Zulrah for the first kill following the bank. If you are required to go to Zulrah, it is always preferable to use a teleport rather than a fairy rings. However, due the high cost of a teleport to Zul-andra, it is not advised to teleport back to your home after each kill. Try to do as many kills per journey as you can, in the event that you're not specifically looking for kills/hour.


* Optionally, you can also utilize ring switches for the theoretical maximum DPS against Zulrah but they're an extremely small boost.


* Downgrade to an Sanguinesti staff or Arcane spirit shields if you do not have a Harmonised nightmare staff. Thralls bringing is slightly more effective than vengeance.


* For ranged weapons: Twisted Bow Blowpipe (ddarts) Faerdhinen Bow (in full crystal) Blowpipe (amethyst darts)


* If you don't have full crystal, do not use the Faerdhinen Bow.


1. Setup

* This configuration is dependent on killing multiple times without having to teleport, and will yield the highest per-hour gp of any setup. However , if you're looking to increase the number of kills/hr, use setup 2.

* The blowpipe is used to stall the pillars and specifications, it's not any more effective than the Twisted bow in the blue phase.

* The Guthix Rests can be used for ticks while the pillar is stalling and you're experiencing low horsepower.

* For a more detailed explanation of stalling in pillars read on.

* If you don't intend to stall your pillars, then bank two Guthix Rests as well as one restore, and refill your inventory with food.

* The law runes inside the pouch can be used to teleport out and taking the drops of law rune from the boss.

Setup 2

*The Guthix Rest is for tick-eating while pillar stalling running at low HP.

* This setup is targeted to get the most kills per hour, using regen to teleport and hp every kill.

* It's also designed to utilize the pillar stalling method. This technique lets you make more damage and also take lesser damage because Zulrah attack you at a slower rate, therefore prolonging the phase. The method will be explained in more depth below.


Setup 3

* The Toxic Blowpipe is optional. It is only useful to heal using one of the special Attacks to regen some health during blue phase.

* Following the blowpipe nerf that was made, dragon darts are no longer better DPS than the twist bow. Therefore , if you're not planning on speccing the boss, don't bother to bring an air pipe.


Pillar Stalling

* Zulrah will always attempt to do the same amounts of attacks over a period (as as long as it is able to see you at the start) therefore slowing down its attack speed to 7 ticks instead of 3 ticks by pillar stalling gives you a lot more time to DPS Zulrah because it's spending less time submerged.


* The most important aspect to be aware of with this technique is that you need to be in Zulrah's vision when it pops up on the phase that you want to pillar stall. If it doesn't immediately recognize you and attempt to pillar stall and it cuts the phase short , which is not what you're trying to achieve.


* When it comes up then trade 1 Twisted Bow hit for 1 Zulrah hit, then head to a safespot so that Zulrah cannot see you. Switch to the Toxic Blowpipe and proceed to BP-Tbow on cooldown in exchange for 1 Zulrah hit each time (except in the west and east phases, where you're far away therefore you must trade for 1 Twisted Bow shot without blowpiping - refer to clip below).


Void is an excellent setup to use at Zulrah to players from all levels, because it cuts down on the amount of gear you need to take into your inventory. It also makes it easier to achieve rapid gear changes between Zulrah's rotating gears. Regular Void is a good choice, but Elite Void is highly recommended.


Within the instance, Zulrah will spawn multiple snakelings with a single HP. This creates it necessary to use the Ring of Suffering, or at a minimum, the Ring of Recoil absolutely necessary for the duration of the battle.