Resolving Metamask Extension not working issue

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The benefit of MetaMask is that it will let you know which websites have a history of frequent phishing attempts or are prime targets for phishing when you navigate from one to another. This will strengthen your device's security

A software crypto wallet called MetaMask is used to communicate with the Ethereum network.Users can utilize a MetaMask extension Chrome or a mobile phone app to manage their Ethereum Wallet and then use it to connect with the decentralized application. Consensys Software Inc., a blockchain software firm specializing in Ethereum-based infrastructure tools, is the company behind MetaMask. 

By using this extension, you may build and manage your own identity. As a result, any dApp that wants to publish a transaction in your blockchain will immediately notify you and only confirm the transaction to the blockchain after receiving your approval. Your transaction will only then be completed. The user has the option to reject it if he cannot remember performing a specific transaction or if he no longer desires to do so. Hence, they have a high level of security as a result.

But, you must provide the extension of particular rights to accomplish this.

This blog is for you if you want to resolve a problem with your MetaMask Extension.

Fixes for MetaMask Extension not working issue:

Consider restarting your Browser

    1. Launch a browser.
    2. Find a three-dotted menu when your extension is opened in your browser and click it. 
    3. Locate and tap on the “Exit” button at the bottom of the list.
    4. Reopen your browser to see if your MetaMask Chrome extension is still functional.

Alternate Your Browser

Choose a browser that’s more efficient than your old one, if possible. You can give Opera, Firefox, etc., a try. Because Opera is much more compatible with MetaMask than other browsers, you should try using it first.

Restart your computer

In some instances, turning off your computer is the best course of action, if it is not performing well or is causing you problems. Try using your extension again after the system has restarted to see whether it is still functional.

Renew Extension

Your extension may not be functioning because you are using an outdated version of the attachment. So, check for recent updates once a month. So, if your MetaMask extension is out-of-date, update it and then see if it still functions.