4 Best Live Streaming Apps For Android And IOS

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People worldwide have glimpsed a gradual shift from physical purchases through traditional methods to online services. It led to numerous difficulties and challenges initially while it is now creating new opportunities for various businesses to get exposure among the customer base. The innovations and technological developments have led to the evolution of numerous ideas, techniques, and strategies through which various businesses can promote and advertise their products with convenience. 

The customers are no longer willing to physically visit stores and companies while conveniently shopping and knowing about the latest services remotely. One of the best promotion techniques that evolved during these years is live streaming. It is a prominent factor that helps you connect with your target audience through live sessions and discard any miscommunication that might happen through other channels. You can easily live Broadcast your latest updates, products, and services with streaming apps developed by the app development software in USA. The users and businesses can also find numerous platforms or live streaming applications online. Still, only a few of them provide you with the necessary features and exposure required for your specific business. 

These apps and platforms allow you to monetise your online content digitally for the ultimate live streaming success. The top live-streaming applications are built and developed by the android application development company in USA, which immediately vouch for its productivity, efficiency, reliability, and performance. Lastly, you must ensure that your mobile live streaming application is available on various platforms, including Android and iOS, to increase its reach and impact amongst the target audience. Selecting a specific platform might lose you a significant customer base leading to lesser profits.

The top 4 trending live streaming applications available for Android and iOS

1. StreamNow

StreamNow is one of the most prominent and well-known live streaming applications various businesses use to outshine their competitors socially. It is an excellent channel that boosts up the company profits and increases social engagement with its target audience. The users can access various app features through monthly, yearly, or per-session fees depending upon their individual requirements. 

Various businesses include a feature of viewer commenting, which is very well available on the StreamNow application. It is a great technique to understand your probable customers, their needs, your services, and drawbacks, if any. It acts as a significant communication channel building up a professional bond between you and your customers within no time. The StreamNow application also allows users to sign up with their social media accounts such as Facebook and Twitter. 

Last but not least, to avoid any hassle during the payment, StreamNow has the facility of PayPal, allowing global transfers and online payments.

2. Facebook

Not even one would be unaware of Facebook in the present times, which not only acts as a social media platform but has a lot more in store for its users. Apart from being an extraordinary live streaming application, it allows businesses and users to post regular statuses and pictures, which is also a great way to promote one’s services. The initial days of the Facebook release only allowed live streaming services and sessions to well-known actors and performers. However, it has now been made available to all its users, significantly increasing its reach and engagement. You may also start a Facebook live on a web browser or the official Facebook app according to your own convenience and monetise your services accordingly. It is a free-of-cost application that does not charge its users to view a Facebook live streaming or have one of their own. 

You may also become part of various social groups through Facebook and share your live streaming videos for greater engagement. The commenting feature in the Facebook application during live videos and streaming allows a healthy discussion over various topics and services that improve the quality and elevate the communication level amongst the audience and live streamers.

3. Instagram

Instagram has been the top social media platform ever since and has also acknowledged significant growth in the past few decades due to the increased audience and users. It further acts as a great live streaming application that reaches about 500 million users per day. The live stories’ feature is the default in the Instagram application, which does not charge its users a single penny to live stream. You can directly press the Live button accessible on your Instagram application and begin with broadcasting various services or products that you might want your audience to know about. 

The users and businesses can also post live streaming and videos on personal feeds to keep up with the engagement over a long time. The comment section allows a greater understanding of products and services, which is also an extraordinary way to customise various services for probable customers. The streamers and users can further use Instagram on any device, including Android or iOS, avoiding neglecting a specific portion of the targeted audience.

4. Broadcast Me

The various live streaming applications available online charge their users to view or broadcast publicly, unlike the ‘Broadcast Me’. It can be accessed free of cost on both Android and iOS devices. It initially charged the iOS users but has now been made free leading to a significant rise in the number of users and audience on the platform. It supports the Real-time Messaging Protocol publishing or RTMP responsible for its immense efficiency and performance. 

Despite being one of the best live streaming applications available in the present times, it requires a bit of technical knowledge responsible for the reduced number of people using this application. However, the Broadcast Be application allows its users to integrate with their social media channels, including Twitter or YouTube. It is a great way to channelise your resources and broadcast live sessions on various platforms at the same time. You may also access the lifetime accessible feature of unlimited live streaming on Broadcast Me with a one-time payment of $5.99.

What is the right choice?

Every live streaming app discussed above has its individuality with numerous features and probably a few limitations.  It is imperative to know more about various live streaming applications developed by the top mobile app development company before selecting the right one for you. The selection of live streaming applications depends upon your requirements, resources, and level of social engagement. 

A few such applications also charge a significant amount, allowing access to numerous incredible features that you must consider before the final decision. If you have the basic live streaming requirements, you might not want to invest an amount and look for the free of cost applications available. You may slowly and gradually start monetising your digital content and gain significant business revenues within no time. You can also be best assisted with the mobile app development agency in USA to decide upon various factors and features. Lastly, it is imperative to decide your target audience as you might choose an application that is either available for Android or iOS or both. 


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