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Spohn's point can't be understated

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Spohn's point can't be understated has not posted anything yet
Start date 27-Jan-2024 - 12:00
End date 28-Jan-2024 - 12:00
  • Description

    Spohn's point can't be understated: A lot of disabled players cannot play games without adequate accessibility options. Players often have to petition developers to include these tools or rely on third-party solutions like Microsoft's Adaptive Controller. It's why advocates like Spohn and charities like Special Effect do the work they do to raise awareness.

    The relationship between fans and developers can often be antagonistic. When players want something in a game to change, they feel that their best option is to speak up as a group. That's true when they want a weapon nerfed and when they want to stand up for a fellow player who they think was mistreated. It's not uncommon for these calls to mobilize the masses to go viral. It's an exploitable dynamic and poelegalthrowaway00 duped quite a large number of people exactly as they intended. But any point that poelegalthrowaway00 was trying to make is wholly undermined by the fact that they actively contributed to the pain and erasure prevalent in so many online communities—especially when you're a minority like a disabled gamer.

    It's like Smokey the Bear trying to teach people about the dangers of forest fires by burning down a goddamn forest. Doing harm just to prove it can be done is horrifyingly malicious. Assuming poelegalthrowaway00 is telling the truth about being a teacher, I pity whatever students are stuck learning from that asshole.

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