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The Season of the Malignant launch

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Start date 18-Dec-2023 - 12:00
End date 19-Dec-2023 - 12:00
  • Description

    Blizzard has also taken note of player feedback regarding the difficulty of obtaining ultra-rare items like the Harlequin Crest. Although the team wants these items to remain rare, they also recognize the need to provide additional ways for players to acquire them. It is, therefore, possible that future seasons of Diablo 4 may introduce new methods for obtaining these coveted items.

    In the meantime, players are encouraged to focus on builds that do not rely heavily on these ultra-rare items. Instead, they should prioritize obtaining and utilizing the best Diablo 4 Malignant Hearts, as these can greatly enhance their builds. As for loot filters and the elemental resistance rework, players can look forward to their implementation in the near future.

    Enthusiasm for Diablo 4 Wanes After Initial Launch

    Since the launch of Diablo 4 first season, there has been a decline in enthusiasm for the game. Viewership has decreased and the game has lost a significant number of players.

    When Diablo 4 was initially released, it received high praise and broke records for Blizzard. However, over the past month, interest in the game has declined.

    The Season of the Malignant launch was met with criticism from fans who felt that the seasonal content was lacking and the balance changes were confusing. Additionally, the loot systems were described as “boring”. If you want to buy MMoexp POE currency trade please visit .