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This single experience functions as synecdoche

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This single experience functions as synecdoche has not posted anything yet
Start date 11-Dec-2023 - 12:00
End date 12-Dec-2023 - 12:00
  • Description

    The first time I encountered an elaborate new animated model, the effect was breathtaking. That initial magic is eventually dampened—there are maybe too many hot air balloons, too many giant silkworms, all strangely static and unchanging—but the first time, oh boy.

    Another strength is its musical score—which is fortunate, since the player will invariably be hearing these ditties a whole lot. Really, it's some of the best game music I've ever heard, striking this perfect ineffable chord between Joe Hisaishi and George Gershwin.

    A wrench in the gears
    My issues with Lethis are myriad, however, and they were present from the get-go. I inexplicably sank entire hours into the first tutorial, replaying the stage over and over until I'd finally completed it; this unlocked the second tutorial. There are, in all, five tutorial stages. When I realized this—that there are five tutorials—I felt like taking a hammer to my laptop and never looking back.

    There I was, trapped in the third tutorial, when it occurred to me that something—anything—might finally happen onscreen, if only I'd build a warehouse. Aha! No sooner had I planted a warehouse did my adviser reappear in a pop-up window. Thank God! My adviser informed me I could at long last use 'filters,' but she didn't elaborate. "This isn't really my field of interest," she said (approximately), "and now I'll leave you to it." And then she vanished.

    I stared at my monitor quizzically. OK. What is a filter; why should I ever want to use one; where, even, are 'filters' in the UI? (To my knowledge, the game never even tells you how to rotate the map. But you can rotate the map! It's in the UI.)

    This single experience functions as synecdoche for the entirety of Lethis. There's a whole lot of "leaving the player to it!" which is to say, abandoning the player in her time of need. Rather than stoking a sense of the 'thrill of discovery'—the way a simulation like Cities: Skylines might—Lethis instead encourages a profound sense of helplessness. If you want to buy MMoexp POE currency trade please visit .