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Start date 19-Mar-2024 - 12:00
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    Instead of reacting when servers are overwhelmed There must be an improved system of server management to limit users and alleviate issues before they become big issues. For instance, needing to launch the game for an hour before you are supposed to play to get past the line to play trading and looting becoming erratic due to latency that could make them fail or even force huge "guilds" members to plan their schedules every week to ensure that they don't cause a massive delay to the one.

    I absolutely love World of Warcraft Season of Discovery, but enough is enough. The server's high volume of players must be better managed. It's not much more irritating than playing games only to not respond, be inaccessible or even unresponsive at undetermined time. Like the old philosophical question "If trees fall in the forest, and there's no one around in the forest to listen, will it make sounds?" Modern games seem to ask "If there's a truly excellent game but no one is on the internet to enjoy it, does it remain outstanding?"

    The first World of Warcraft Season of Discovery did not come with online multiplayer capabilities. It was possible to play LAN games using either a non-existent modem connection as well as the IPX protocol which could allow up to eight players in the game. The game was played by thousands of people playing online. What was the reason for this? The answer lies in an application from a third party known as Kali. Kali is a hacker for networks that tricked a computer to think it's searching for LAN adversaries via IPX however it's connecting to competitors over the Internet. It was an all-in-one fee for the program, but you had unlimited use of the program which allowed users the ability to connect to chat rooms as well as link to others World of Warcraft Season of Discovery players. Kali was also used in other games that were IPX-only however World of Warcraft Season of Discovery was definitely one of the most played games that used the software.

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