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The announcement was that they're creating

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The announcement was that they're creating has not posted anything yet
Start date 12-Mar-2024 - 12:00
End date 13-Mar-2024 - 12:00
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    On the 7th of May, Marshall took to Twitter to determine whether it was the right timing to reveal his next project. "JOURNOS I'm planning to announce a game around 2pm, so if you have a huge embargo on a huge franchise that could swamp me, inform me." Then, little did Marshall be aware that MMOexp would be pulling the curtain from World of Warcraft Season of Discovery: The New Order the on the same day. This caused a quandary for Marshall and, at first it was a matter of postponing his plans. However attractive his next project might be it's not the same. Marshall nor his companions are as well-known as Bethesda or B.J. Blazkowicz. Sure, only fools would want to be with such a disparate opponent. However, the perception changed after the reveal took place.

    "The announcement was that they're creating a fresh World of Warcraft Season of Discovery game, and it's not clear how many people who will be interested about it."

    "I'm not playing World of Warcraft Season of Discovery. This is a huge game; it's not worth the effort." Marshall stated his position prior to MMOexp's official presentation of The New Order. "I'll be overwhelmed. If the reveal was a gameplay video, previews as well as lots of juicy things for people to discuss and ponder over I'm not sure I would have made the announcement. I'd probably left it to another day. However, it was released with a prerendered trailer, and everybody was like"Ok, you're creating the next World of Warcraft Season of Discovery.' That was all there was to all there was to it as far as information was concerned. It was reported that they were developing a game called the World of Warcraft Season of Discovery game, and there's only a certain amount of the public will care about it." If you want to buy MMoexp WoW Classic SoD Gold please visit

    There wasn't much to be said regarding The New Order on May 7th, Marshall felt confident that his team's game would not be eclipsed. "There was plenty of room to discuss Gun Monkeys. People weren't only obsessively speaking about World of Warcraft Season of Discovery," he added. Even though Gun Monkeys didn't get nearly as much attention like The New Order, it nonetheless created its distinct niche. Websites shared information, cobbled together previews, and even conducted interview with Marshall. It was the matter of getting momentum. "The media reaction is just the half of it, if it is that. The other part is getting people talking about it via Twitter and Facebook and getting them engaged enough to spread the word by themselves. Journalists will get the ball moving on your behalf."